Martha May and Her Brother

My blog (and my brain) hit a glitch yesterday. So here is a little poem for the kids instead... Martha May is very neat, her brother is very messy.

Martha May is very sweet, her brother is very bossy.

Martha May lays on the grass, her brother climbs the trees.

Martha May finds floating feathers, her brother chases bees.

Martha May sits still and straight, her brother has to wiggle.

Martha May likes to draw and paint, her brother loves to scribble.

Martha May likes pink and blue, her brother likes green and red.

Martha May sleeps with soft little toys, her brother takes dragons to bed.


Martha May plays guitar, her brother plays the drums.

They put on rock band concerts, and everybody comes.

Martha May loves reading maps, her brother loves to dig.

Together they hunt for treasure and hope they strike it big.

Martha May likes water, her brother likes the sand.

Whenever they go to the beach, they run there hand in hand.

Martha May is the apple pie, her brother is the cream.

They are different in every way but make the most amazing team.

Mum Blogmishgittens