Aussie Lollybag Personality Test


What did you eat first in the 20c Aussie lollybag?



Now scroll down to find out what sort of person you are*…







1. The Redskin: You are brave and fearless, you are the boss. You don’t care what anyone thinks of you and if someone calls you names you say ‘I know you are, you said you are, but what am I?!’. It’s your way or the highway and if anyone has a problem with that, they can stick it in their pineapple. You hate mint leaf suckers.

Lollybag eating behavior: You eat the whole bag as quickly as you can and leave your fingers sticky all day.

2. The Banana: You are sweet, loving and giving. You like to skip down the street, avoiding the cracks so you don’t break your mother’s back. You love helping in the kitchen, packing away and catching up with friends. You avoid redskin eaters because they are a bit scary but you secretly admire them. You really do think you will die if you cross your heart then tell a lie.

Lollybag eating behavior: You share your bag then make sure the litter is thoughtfully disposed of.

3. The Milk Bottles: You are dependable, level headed and get along with everyone. People rely on you to help solve their problems and get things they need. You can source a magnifying glass and a jar of healthy flies within 4 minutes. Despite loving mischief, you never seem to get in any trouble. You don’t hate anything or anyone, except dobbers.

Lollybag eating behavior: You plod through the bag with determination but ditch the green frogs into the gutter – unless you can sell them to a pineapple eater for a profit.

4. The Teeth: You are different and a bit special, a loose nut. People like to hang out with you because they know some crazy shit will happen. Sometimes you mistake a good joke for criminal activity. When the home phone rings, it is usually to inform your mother you have jumped off a roof/ bridge/ moving car and onto a trampoline/ sandpile/ group of bogans. You tease banana eaters by purposefully standing on the cracks.

Lollybag eating behavior: You eat a fistful then throw the red raspberries at little dogs and the redskins at car windows.

5. The Mint Leaves: You are shy, thoughtful and bookish. You say ‘sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me’ but you know from experience that it’s not true.  You say mintox when everyone is saying filth, and you say filth when everyone is saying wicked. You fall in love with every milk bottle eater you ever meet.

Lollybag eating behavior: You keep the bag safe in your pocket, checking it every few minutes with a warm hand. You pull out each lolly one by one and suck it until it completely dissolves in your mouth.

6. The Pineapple: The pineapple? First? Really?

7. The Freckle: You are cooler than a coke freeza. You quote from cult movies, know your Converse from your Dunlop, and throw the most unreal parties when your parents are away. You force everyone to listen to your latest mixed tape but it’s just because you are better off not talking. You know that if you are spunky and cool enough, no one will realise you are not very bright. You wish you could be with a mint leaf sucker but always end up with a banana eater.

Lollybag eating behavior: You can’t be seen buying lollies so your mum brings them home for you. You sit on your bed and eat them alone listening to Donna Summer The Clash.

8. The Snake: You are dark, unique and elusive. You think everyone sucks big time and you let them know it. No one understands you, which is just how you like it. You read, you write, you avoid sports and you smirk at foolish people. When you see another snake eater you stare at them until your eyes dry out. And you just know. And you know they just know. And you know, and they know, that no one else knows.

Lollybag eating behavior: bent over, feverishly, even eating the ones you don’t like just to experience the horror of it.

9. The Sherbie: You are entertaining, fun, and as crazy as a coconut. You love throwing surprise parties although you prefer receiving them and make sure everyone knows it. You are a jive talkin’ dancing queen and you just can’t stop the music. You make jokes even when you are getting bashed up. Everyone warms to you; even Redskin eaters who desperately want to hate you.

Lollybag eating behavior: You eat the whole bag with glee but save the sherbies to share with your grandma so you can both laugh when her teeth stick together.

*Not scientifically accurate.