The 'Becoming a Writer' Diary So Far (pre blog)


September 2013

- Started creating Mish Gittens blog as a profile for potential publisher's to check out: Officially coming out of the closet as a writer.

- Submitted quirky Australian-themed children’s picture book, My Adventurous Eyes, to Fremantle Press and Penguin books.

- Sent query email to Offspring Magazine (Perth parenting mag) proposing ‘A mum I know…’ for publishing. Wrote groan-worthy cliché in the email “these stories are your readers stories” but wasn’t being metaphorical. The stories really are from their readers (Perth mums) and I had to contact Psychology’s governing body to make sure I’m allowed to write them! No reply from Offspring as yet. I am sure I am supposed to hassle potential editors but I am not quite all over the go-get-'em mindset yet.

- Enrolled in September children’s book writer’s workshop with Allen and Unwin to hear what they look for when accepting children’s books for publishing. Might even introduce myself to some people this time. Will see if I can muster some mouth saliva.*

*I didn’t. Next time.

- Enrolled in November full day workshop for Children's book writing and editing with well known Perth children's book authors. In email messages back and forth to enrol I somehow committed to introduce myself to the organiser.

July 2013 (pre blog)

- Attended a children's book writer's workshop with publishers from Five Mile Press and Walker Books. Submitted manuscript for sweet story of an imaginative little guy and his very cool Grandma Albie's Favourite Book to both publishing houses.

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